Our Work

United Holy Land Fund Serving the Palestinian People in Palestine since 1968!

Flag of Palestine

We are a US based charity organization; we help Palestinian people in Palestine and delivering volunteer service.

We Help Hundreds of Palestinian Children / Students to Get Their Education.

We cater to the needs of orphans, widows, handicapped, injured and the unskilled. We support vocational, civic, educational, health and rehabilitation programs, and help needy Palestinians to cope with the hardships caused by the Israeli military occupation.

Our Programs

  • Orphan Support Program $1.65/Day. $600/ Year. Sponsor a Child. Create a Future. 

  • Education Support Student Scholarships, Rebuilding Schools and Adult Literacy Programs.

  • Health Care Emergency and long term medical assistance for the needy and injured.

  • Seasonal Programs Iftar and Eid Gift Donations.

  • Udhiya Donation for Palestine.

  • Public Advocacy & Youth Development Raising awareness on issues like Palestinian hunger.

  • Al-Bayyara (Orange Orchards) Outdoor Playgrounds Project. The Palestinian People symbol of history and identity.

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